Reddit has announced that it is opening up a waitlist for its developer platform, a suite of developer tools and resources, that will empower developers whose contributions will support users and over 100,000 active communities on the platform.

Currently, third-party developers on Reddit operate primarily as siloed resources for the communities they care about, utilizing limited resources and ad-hoc support.

“The Reddit Developer Platform will change all this. The platform will serve as an avenue for third-party developers to build meaningful Reddit extensions that our users will love,” the company said in a blog post.

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The Developer Platform team is focused on creating offerings that improve support, flexibility, and performance for our third-party developers.

The platform said it is exciting to work with its community to build apps that improve the Reddit experience and ensure those extensions are discoverable and trustworthy.

“As we continue to grow and scale Reddit, we want to provide and maintain alignment with those who are building tools around Reddit’s guiding principles and broader values,” the company said.

“With the initial rollout of our developer platform, we can provide an easy way for all to find resources and tools, participate in our beta, and get the best answers to their questions, quickly,” it added.

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