Pinterest has announced that it is working on ways to add Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, beginning with shopping.

The collage-making app Shuffles will now have access to the same shopping features as regular pins. Users will be able to tap individual collage cutouts to see the brand, price, and other product metadata, as well as shop for similar products, according to TechCrunch.

Shuffles is a collage tool that allows users to create, publish and share visual content.

The company launched the application to the general public in November last year.

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“The high-density nature of Shuffles, which can include layers of product cutouts from multiple Pins, allows consumers to dig deeper and also connect to other Shuffles that include the same Pins. As we look ahead to how consumer behaviour is evolving, we’re testing ways of integrating Shuffles collage content into Pinterest, starting with shopping,” the company said.

The report said that users create collages with Shuffles by using Pinterest’s own photo library or by taking photos of objects they want to include with their iPhone’s camera.

The app is currently only available for iOS users in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Meanwhile, Pinterest has also started testing a new advertising product, “Premiere Spotlight”, allowing brands to reach consumers from a more prominent position within the company’s mobile app.

With this, advertisers will gain access to a premium placement for 24 hours on the Pinterest app’s search page.

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