Paypal has blocked the Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo after it helped raise funds for people who attended last week’s violent event in Washington, D.C., as reported by Bloomberg.

“We regularly assess activity against our acceptable-use policy and carefully review actions reported to us, and will discontinue our relationship with account holders who are found to violate our policies,” PayPal said in a statement on Monday.

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“PayPal has a longstanding, well-defined and consistently enforced acceptable use policy,” the company said in Monday’s statement. “Regardless of the individual or organization in question, we work to ensure that our services are not used to accept payments for activities that promote hate speech, violence or other forms of intolerance.”

The payments giant also closed an account held by Ali Alexander, one of the organizers of the gathering before the riot.

“I didn’t incite anything,” Alexander said in a video posted to Twitter on Friday, according to a report over the weekend in the Daily Beast. “I didn’t do anything.” His Twitter account has since been suspended and attempts to reach him for comment via Parler and a website for the rally also were unsuccessful as both are out of service.

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