Elon Musk-owned X has announced various video and media enhancements to the microblogging platform.

X said on Friday that premium subscribers can now post longer videos on the platform, i.e. up to two hours of 1080p quality or three hours of 720p quality content.

The media studio, accessible at studio.x.com, is now open to all X Premium subscribers.

Moreover, paid users now have the ability to download videos from their timeline to their camera roll and can now enable/disable the download option for videos they post.

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In other enhancements, premium X users will get AirPlay support to stream videos to their TV, auto-captioning of popular videos, picture-in-picture playback to allow them to watch videos while scrolling their timeline or other apps, video controls such as playback speed, double tap to fast forward/jump back, improved live broadcasting quality from mobile, immersive video player in Android and iOS, and others.

Meanwhile, Musk has said that news organizations can also get a share of X’s advertising revenue.

In his latest bid to woo journalists after paying creators via his X advertising revenue program, the X owner has now proposed a new way for media houses to make money.

“Our advertising revenue share program also applies to organizations (news or otherwise) who wish to participate,” he posted.

On Tuesday, the billionaire invited journalists to publish directly on X and earn a higher income, as he started stripping headlines and text from news articles shared on the platform.

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