OpenAI, the lab behind popular tools like ChatGPT, has unveiled a new voice cloning model so advanced, that it can convincingly mimic a person’s voice with just a tiny audio snippet.

The AI-generated voice can read out text prompts on command in the same language as the speaker or in a number of other languages. “These small-scale deployments are helping to inform our approach, safeguards, and thinking about how Voice Engine could be used for good across various industries,” OpenAI said in its blog post

In these samples posted by OpenAI, you can hear what Age of Learning has been doing with the technology to generate pre-scripted voice-over content, as well as reading out “real-time, personalized responses” to students written by GPT-4.

First, the reference audio in English:

Here are three AI-generated audio clips based on that sample,

Buy Me A Coffee

OpenAI said it began developing Voice Engine in late 2022 and that the technology has already powered preset voices for the text-to-speech API and ChatGPT’s Read Aloud feature.

Meanwhile, a new type of scam is emerging: AI voice cloning scams. In these scams, fraudsters use artificial intelligence technology to mimic the voices of loved ones or familiar figures, aiming to deceive their victims.

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