The tech giant company Google has released Chrome 84 to the Chrome official stable channel. Users can update Chrome using the browser’s built-in update feature to move to this new release and get access to new features and security updates.

Chrome 84 is also the first Chrome release that blocks notification popups on websites that are known to abuse this feature.

No More Notification Spam

Chrome 84 is also the first Chrome version where notification popups on some sites (with a spammy reputation) are now hidden by default. Notification popups on these sites are now hidden under an icon in the Chrome URL bar.

See Google’s official explanation on how this new feature works.

Image: Google

Google has also removed support for the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 ciphers. These two ciphers are considered insecure. Websites that load via HTTPS and use these two ciphers will be blocked in Chrome by default and users will see an error message like the one below.