The No More Ransom project celebrates its fifth anniversary after helping over six million ransomware victims recover their files and saving them almost €1 billion in ransomware payments.

“The decryptors available in the No More Ransom repository have helped more than six million people to recover their files for free,” the Europol said.

“This prevented criminals from earning almost a billion euros through ransomware attacks. Currently offering 121 free tools able to decrypt 151 ransomware families, it unites 170 partners from the public and private sector.”

In its five years of existence, No More Ransom has helped prevent almost a billion euros from ending up in criminals’ pockets

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No More Ransom aims to help victims recover their encrypted files, raise awareness of the ransomware threat, and provide ransomware victims and the general public with direct links to report attacks.


That obvious statement also applies to ransomware attacks. Anyone can be a target – individuals and companies of all sizes. So, what can we do?

  • Regularly back up data stored on your electronic devices.
  • Watch your clicks – do you know where a link will take you? 
  • Beware of attachments in emails.
  • Ensure that your security software and operating system are up to date.
  • If you become a victim, do not pay! Report the crime and check No More Ransom for decryption tools.
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