Nikon has at last released software that turns your fancy DSLR or mirrorless camera into a high-end webcam.

With the Nikon Webcam Utility Software (via Engadget), users can connect some of the Nikon cameras to a computer via USB connection to use them as a real webcam. This is extremely useful for those who don’t have a webcam or for those who only have a low-quality webcam — such as the 480p and 720p front cameras built into Macs.

If you have a compatible camera, all you have to do is install Nikon’s software and then connect the device to your computer. It works with most video conferencing services and other webcams compatible software.

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By installing the Webcam Utility and connecting a compatible camera to a computer, users can enjoy superior image quality and flattering depth of field when streaming live, teleconferencing or gaming.

Check out the list of compatible Nikon cameras below:

  • Nikon Z 7II, Z 7, Z 6II, and Z 6
  • Nikon Z 5 and Z 50
  • Nikon D6 and D5
  • Nikon D850 and D810
  • Nikon D780 and D750
  • Nikon D500
  • Nikon D7500 and D7200
  • Nikon D5600, D5500, D5300, and D3500

Nikon Webcam Utility Software is available for free on Nikon’s website, and it requires a Mac running macOS High Sierra or higher or a computer running Windows 10.

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