A new tool created by a software developer will allow Apple users to change their iPhone’s system font on iOS 16 without having to jailbreak their iPhone.

According to MacRumors, over the years, Apple has increased the level of customization iPhone users have access to, but one thing they cannot change is the iPhone’s system-wide font.

Developer Zhuowei Zhang created a tool that changes the system-wide font of an iPhone by exploiting a security loophole in past versions of iOS 16.

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To use the tool and change an iPhone’s system-wide font, it must run iOS 16.1.2 or earlier since Zhang used a security loophole patched in iOS 16.2, according to the report.

Moreover, to check what version your iPhone is running, go to Settings then General then About and then see what is listed as the iOS version.

Last weekend, Apple stopped signing iOS 16.1.2, meaning if users running iOS 16.2, they will not be able to downgrade, said the report.

The tool is available on GitHub as an IPA file and lets users choose from several fonts, such as Comic Sans MS, Fira Sans, and DejaVu Sans Mono, the report added.