Twitter CEO Elon Musk has suggested that the company may lock users in virtual jails for violating its policies.

A Twitter follower shared a suggestion for Musk to improve the micro-blogging site by putting users in “Twitter jail”.

“Twit suggestion 2: Twitter Jail! Share both the reason for the ban, the number of violations, as well as when the account will be freed,” the user posted.

Musk replied: “Agreed”.

The Twitter user also suggested another change in order to improve the microblogging platform.

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“Twit suggestion: Add Reach statistic to the Tweet Activity button. Impressions stat is cool to look at but not very useful,” the user posted.

Musk said: “Good idea.”

In one of its latest product enhancement announcements, Musk tweeted last week that the microblogging site is working on a solution to automatically convert long-form text into threads, as Twitter allows only 280-characters which makes it challenging for users to compose a long text.

Earlier this week, he said that the company will work on speeding up the upload time on the micro-blogging platform, in which videos will be given top priority.

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