Mozilla, the firm behind the popular web browser Firefox, said that Microsoft took a step in the right direction regarding default browser choice but that there is more to be done.

Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out an optional cumulative update for Windows 11 that made it easier to change the default browser on PCs, reports Windows Central.

Previously, people had to manually change the default setting for every file and link type, which could require dozens of steps to accomplish.

Following the recent update to Windows 11, people can set their preferences for more than one link and file type with a single click.

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Mozilla said that the move is a “step in the right direction” by Microsoft but that more can be done to “respect default browser choice on Windows”.

The company calls on improvements for both end-users and developers when it comes to setting a default browser.

“People should have the ability to simply and easily set defaults and all operating systems should offer official developer support for default status,” a Mozilla spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“In practice, we would like to also see progress on reducing the number of steps required to set a new browser as default, and on opening and making APIs available for apps to set a default that other Microsoft applications use.”

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