Microsoft launched its Family Safety app in a limited public preview today. The app, first announced in March, is available on Android and iOS.

With the Microsoft Family Safety app for Android and iOS, you can get information about your family’s activity including what your kids are doing online across Windows and Xbox devices.

“Microsoft Family Safety helps you to facilitate a dialogue with your kids about the time they are spending on their devices and type of content they are viewing,” Microsoft said in a blog post announcing the preview. “The app provides transparency on where everyone is spending time online and allows you to create flexible schedules to carve out more time for things like online learning. Additionally, it helps you stay connected even when you’re apart with location sharing.”

Screen Time Limits

The app will allow you to set screen time limits across Windows and Xbox devices. You can set limits for a specific app or game and activities such as learning online. The kids can also ask you for additional screen time if they run out of screen time set by you.

Screen time limits

You have the choice to customize the experience based on what is right for your family.

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Create A Safe Space

Another feature will allow you to create a safe space for kids to explore the Internet. You can use web and safety filters to block mature content and you can also set browsing to kid-friendly websites on Microsoft Edge across your devices.

Content filters

You will also get a notification when your kids try to download a more mature app or game from the Microsoft Store.

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Location Sharing

The third key feature of the Microsoft Family Safety app lets you track the location of your loved ones.

Location sharing

With the location sharing feature, you can even save the places they visit the most, like home, work, or school

Join The Preview

Microsoft says the app is available in the limited preview and Microsoft will be first reaching out to those have expressed interest in these tools for their Android and iOS devices.

Family Safety signup

“We have limited availability for additional users on Android and iOS and invite you to sign up. As a participant in the preview, you gain early access to the app and get to help shape the product by sharing feedback about your experience,” Microsoft said.

You can register for the preview from here.