Microsoft is planning to add a force-quit option to the Windows 11 taskbar, which will allow users to force-quit crashed apps and buggy ones directly from the taskbar.

The feature is similar to macOS, where users do not need to open Task Manager to quit apps.

According to The Verge, Microsoft confirmed at its Build developers conference this week that it’s adding the feature soon, which first appeared in some early test versions of Windows 11.

Moreover, the tech giant has also released a new Windows 11 test build, which includes another taskbar improvement.

The company introduced a new ‘never combine mode’, which lets users see each app window on the taskbar individually with labels.

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In addition to various enhancements, the latest build also includes backup and restore functionalities for PCs, making it much easier to restore apps, settings, and even passwords and credentials for Wi-Fi networks on a new PC.

Microsoft is also refining and improving its collection of emojis for Windows 11 to make them more recognizable.

Users of Windows 11 should be able to access all of these new features within a few months.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Photos app in Windows 11, which includes a broad set of new features, improvements, and fixes based on feedback.

The Photos app in Windows 11 allows users to view, organize, and share photos from their PC, OneDrive, and iCloud.

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With this update, Microsoft has introduced features like a slideshow experience, timeline scrollbar, and spot fix.