Microsoft has introduced a new feature to Teams — Loop Component, which will allow real-time editing in chat.

With this, participants will be able to compose and edit anything ranging from an agenda, checklist, table, task list, paragraph, and more.

The new feature comes available in both Teams meeting chat and Teams chat, the company mentioned.

To use the feature, underneath the chat text box, select the Loop component icon to reveal a menu of components, and then select a component, such as an agenda.

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After that, a draft will appear to which participants can add a title and start drafting content to share or even leave it as a blank template.

Participants can also edit the sharing permission level at the top, which is usually set to “people within your organization with the link can edit”.

Further, select the text describing the sharing access and customize it to “people currently in this chat with the link can edit”, then hit the send icon to start collaborating with chat participants on the Loop component.

Lastly, Loop components are automatically saved to your OneDrive as a “fluid” file and can be accessed on your Microsoft Teams Chat Files folder on OneDrive, said the company.

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