Microsoft has started rolling out a new sign-up experience for OneDrive on the iOS platform.

Following an update to version 13.13.2, users can now sign up and log in to an account using a passcode that will be sent as a text message rather than having to use a password, reports Windows Central.

The company said that this new setup replaces having to use a password and is faster and more secure.

“It will now be faster and even more secure to sign up for a new account on the OneDrive app. You will be able to sign up and log in with your phone numbers and one-time passcodes we will send you via a text message. No more stress of remembering passwords,” the company was quoted as saying.

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Meanwhile, recently, the tech giant has announced a handful of improvements to OneDrive for business users.

OneDrive now lets users quickly access all their Teams from its web interface. It also allows users to delete large folders with up to 10,000 items at once.

“We are continuously adding features to make it easier for you to collaborate with others, whether you are working in OneDrive, Teams, or SharePoint,” the company said earlier.

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