Google has announced that its Chrome web browser is getting a speed boost in the latest release due to several under-the-hood performance improvements, resulting in a significant new performance milestone across Mac and Android.

“The faster the browser, the more enjoyable your browsing experience will be. With the latest release of Chrome, we went deep under the hood of Chrome’s engine to look for every opportunity to increase the speed and efficiency, from improved caching to better memory management,” Google said in a blog post.

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Over the course of three months, a series of tweaks gave Chrome a 10 percent boost on Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark, according to Google.

The changes include everything from improved caching to better memory management.

Moreover, the company said that Chrome on Android has always been optimized for a small footprint, but the Android ecosystem is diverse and contains devices with varying levels of capabilities.

To improve Chrome’s performance on high-end devices, Google is now targeting them with a version of Chrome that uses compiler flags optimized for speed rather than binary size.

For capable devices, these versions of Chrome run the Speedometer 2.1 benchmark 30 percent faster.

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