Meta has introduced a new feature that will let users block Instagram from collecting their data across the apps and websites they visit.

As part of its expansion, Meta is adding the ability to disable this kind of tracking on Instagram, so users can check what businesses are sharing information with Meta, disconnect specific activities, or clear the information that has been collected.

This feature, known as Activity Off-Meta Technologies, is now available in the platform’s Accounts Center. Previously, it was only available on Facebook.

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“Activity Off-Meta Technologies allows you to manage how information other businesses send to us is connected to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. You can easily review the businesses that are sharing data with Meta, disconnect specific ones to further personalize your experience, or clear this data entirely — it’s up to you,” Meta said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Meta also announced a few other features to the Accounts Center, including the ability to move photos and videos from Instagram to other services. “By expanding Transfer Your Information to Instagram, you can now transfer all of your Instagram photos and videos to other services, making it much easier to share and save memories,” Meta said.

In addition, Download Your Information and Access Your Information are now centralized in the Accounts Center, and users can now download information from both their Facebook and Instagram accounts at the same time. Users can access the Accounts Center in the Settings menu on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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