Meta will be ending its “Reels Play bonus programme” on both Instagram and Facebook for creators in the US, the media reported.

The programme used to reward content creators when they hit certain goals for views on their videos, reports Business Insider.

“We are evolving the test of our Reels Play bonus on Instagram and Facebook as we focus on investing in a suite of monetisation solutions to help creators earn steady streams of income,” a Meta spokesperson, was quoted as saying.

“We will stop extending new and renewed Reels Play deals for creators on Facebook and for US creators on Instagram at this time,” it added.

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Moreover, the company confirmed that any ongoing Reels bonuses that a creator has signed up for will be honoured for the next 30 days, according to the report.

“We will look into ways to run the programme in a more targeted form, for example in potential new markets. Creators can still monetise directly from Meta, and from the support of fans and brand partnerships, all of which have seen significant progress over the past year,” the Meta spokesperson said.

Reels Play bonus was one of the main ways creators monetised their short-form video content on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Meta has announced that it is expanding its Reels-focused monetisation feature “Gifts” across the US on Instagram, offering a way for users to easily begin earning money from their audience.

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Gifts allow followers to show their appreciation through direct monetary support, the company said.