Meta has launched a new organization, the Open Innovation AI Research Community for academic researchers, designed to foster transparency, innovation, and collaboration in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

By becoming a member of this community, participants will have the opportunity to contribute to a research agenda that addresses the most pressing challenges in the field and collaborate on developing innovative solutions that promote responsible and safe AI practices.

“The Open Innovation AI Research Community will foster transparency, innovation, and collaboration. University partners will explore topics related to privacy, safety, and security of large language models, give input into the refinement of foundational models, and set an agenda for future collaborative research,” Meta said in a blog post.

“The group will become a community of practice championing large open-source foundation models where partners can collaborate and engage with each other, share learnings, and raise questions on how to build responsible and safe foundation models,” it added.

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Moreover, the tech giant said that the group will also accelerate the training of the next generation of researchers and anticipated that the community will establish the conditions to build better quality future models by growing and diversifying the community of practitioners.

The tech giant expects the AI community to be a member-led group, with Meta Al serving as a “facilitator”.

Meta also planning to host a series of workshops on “critical open research questions” and “developing guidelines for responsible open source model development and release”.

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According to the company, the Open Innovation AI Research Community might eventually have an independent website, social channels for collaborating, and research submissions to academic conferences.

This community is open to professors at accredited universities anywhere in the world, said the company.

The deadline to apply for the Open Innovation AI Research Community is September 10.