Meta has announced that people in more than 30 countries can donate and create fundraisers directly in Instagram Reels for more than 1.5 million nonprofits.

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, Meta (formerly Facebook) said that it is adding new features, including highlighting everyday actions and solutions people can take and showcasing new data visualizations that show country-level emissions, and curating new content.

On Instagram, the company collaborated with illustrator Ping Zhu to create stickers that encourage people to express their support for Earth Day and the environment.

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“On Facebook, we’re adding profile frames that let people show their support. On Messenger, we’re releasing a custom sticker pack and 3D Avatar stickers built just for Earth Day,” said the company.

Meta said that starting in 2020, its global operations reached net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and are supported by 100 percent renewable energy.

“We’ve also set an ambitious goal to achieve net-zero emissions across our value chain and be water positive in 2030,” it added.

“With over 500 megawatts announced this month, we are announcing we have reached over 8 gigawatts of new wind and solar energy in support of our global operations,” the company added.

Last fall, Meta launched a $1 million Climate Misinformation grant program to support organizations working to address climate misinformation.

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