Blockchain analysts have linked the North Korean Lazarus hacking group to a recent attack on payment processing platform Alphapo, where the attackers stole almost $60 million in crypto, Bleepingcomputer reports.

The attack took place on Sunday, July 23rd, and the initial stolen amount was estimated to be $23 million. However, blockchain analysts have since identified an additional $37 million in crypto that was stolen as part of the attack.

The Lazarus Group is a well-known North Korean hacking group that has been linked to a number of high-profile cyberattacks, including the WannaCry ransomware attack and the Sony Pictures hack. The group is known for its use of sophisticated techniques, such as spear phishing and social engineering, to target its victims.

In the Alphapo attack, the Lazarus Group is believed to have used a combination of techniques to gain access to the platform’s hot wallets. These wallets are used to store large amounts of cryptocurrency, and they are typically less secure than cold wallets, which are stored offline.

Once the Lazarus Group gained access to the hot wallets, they were able to steal almost $60 million in crypto. The stolen funds have been transferred to a number of different wallets, making it difficult to track them down.

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