LastPass, a popular password manager, experienced a significant outage on Friday, June 7th, leaving users unable to access their password vaults for nearly 12 hours.

The company has since identified the root cause of the problem: a faulty update to their Google Chrome extension.

The outage began around 1 PM ET, with users encountering “404 Not Found” errors when trying to access their accounts. The issue quickly garnered attention on social media, with frustrated customers venting their inability to retrieve their saved credentials and log into websites.

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LastPass acknowledged the outage on their status page: “Our engineers have identified that an update to our chrome browser extension earlier today inadvertently caused load issues on our backend infrastructure. We are working hard to address the issue and are actively working towards a resolution.”

Throughout the day, LastPass provided updates indicating that performance was gradually stabilizing. However, some users continued to report issues even after the official all-clear was given, suggesting the outage’s impact lasted longer than initially stated.

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