Apple has reportedly filed a new patent, indicating that the tech giant is working on converting iMessages into the sender’s voice.

The messages will likely be converted by using samples of the sender’s voice, reports AppleInsider.

“The voice model is provided to a second electronic device,” the patent mentioned.

“In some examples, a message is received from a respective user of a second electronic device,” it added.

This means that when someone sends an iMessage, they will be able to attach a voice file, which would be stored on the device.

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“If this happens, the receiver will be prompted to decide if they want to receive both the message and the voice recording,” the report said.

“In response to receiving the message, a voice model of the respective user is received,” the patent explained.

“Based on the voice model, an audio output corresponding to the received message is provided,” it added.

Qiong Hi, Jiangchuan Li and David A Winarsky are the patent inventors.

While Winarsky is Apple’s director of text-to-speech technology, Li is a senior Siri software engineer for machine learning at Apple, and Hu formerly worked on Siri at the company, the report said.

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