Apple iOS 15 is now reaching 60 percent adoption across all iOS devices, 80 days after its public release following its initial unveiling in June 2021.

The third-party data analytics company Mixpanel’s chart shows that around 58 percent of all iOS devices are running iOS 15, compared to approximately 36 percent of devices running iOS 14. A total of 4.58 percent of iOS devices are running an older version.

Apple’s last publicly reported data shows 85 percent of all devices running iOS 14 as of June 3, 2021.

With iOS 15, Facetime and Messages have been upgraded on both iPhone and iPad. Facetime supports spatial audio and reduces background noise, while people can join Facetime calls through shareable links on the web and Android.

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It will be easier to keep track of things your friends and family share with you in Messages thanks to dedicated tabs in the News, Music, TV and Podcasts apps, the report said.

Notifications have also been overhauled. Users will have more control over push alerts and they can let only notifications from select apps and people through when they activate one of the new Focus modes.

On iPad, Quick Notes are now a system-wide feature — just swipe in from the lower right corner to jot down some thoughts using the keyboard or Apple Pencil.

Apple also put the child safety features it planned to release as part of iOS 15 on the back burner while it makes improvements.

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