Law enforcement agencies from 11 countries have disrupted the notorious LockBit ransomware operation in a joint operation known as ”Operation Cronos.”

According to a banner displayed on LockBit’s data leak website, the site is now under the control of the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom.

“The site is now under the control of law enforcement. This site is now under the control of The National Crime Agency of the UK, Working in close cooperation with the FBI and the international law enforcement task force, Operation Cronos,” the banner reads.

“We can confirm that Lockbit’s services have been disrupted as a result of International Law Enforcement action – this is an ongoing and developing operation.”

“Law Enforcement has taken control of Lockbit’s platform and obtained all the information held on there. This information relates to the Lockbit group and you, their affiliate. We have source code, details of the victims you have attacked, the amount of money extorted, the data stolen, chats, and much, much more,” the message displayed on the LockBit panel reads.

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“You can thank Lockbitsupp and their flawed infrastructure for this situation… we may be in touch with you very soon. Have a nice day. Regards, The National Crime Agency of the UK, the FBI, Europol, and the Operation Cronos Law Enforcement Task Force.”

LockBit’s victim list includes the UK Royal Mail, the City of Oakland, the Continental automotive giant, and the Italian Internal Revenue Service.

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(via: Bleepingcomputer)