Intel on Thursday introduced a new portfolio of products to empower customers’ AI solutions across the data center, cloud, network, edge, and PC.

The Intel Core Ultra mobile processor family, the first built on the Intel 4 process technology and the first to benefit from the company’s largest architectural shift in 40 years, delivers Intel’s most power-efficient client processor and ushers in the age of the AI PC.

The 5th Gen Intel Xeon processor family is built with AI acceleration in every core, bringing leaps in AI and overall performance and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO).

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger showed for the first time an Intel Gaudi3 AI accelerator, arriving next year.

“AI innovation is poised to raise the digital economy’s impact to as much as one-third of global gross domestic product1,” Gelsinger said.

“Intel is developing the technologies and solutions that empower customers to seamlessly integrate and effectively run AI in all their applications — in the cloud and, increasingly, locally at the PC and edge, where data is generated and used,” he added at the “AI Everywhere” event.

Gelsinger said Intel is on track to deliver five new process technology nodes in four years.

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“Intel is on a mission to bring AI everywhere through exceptionally engineered platforms, secure solutions and support for open ecosystems. Our AI portfolio gets even stronger with today’s launch of Intel Core Ultra ushering in the age of the AI PC and AI-accelerated 5th Gen Xeon for the enterprise,” Gelsinger said.

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Intel Core Ultra represents the company’s largest architectural shift in 40 years and launches the AI PC generation with innovation on all fronts: CPU compute, graphics, power, battery life and profound new AI features.

The AI PC represents the largest transformation of the PC experience in 20 years, since Intel Centrino untethered laptops to connect to Wi-Fi from anywhere.

Intel Core Ultra features Intel’s first client on-chip AI accelerator — the neural processing unit, or NPU — to enable a new level of power-efficient AI acceleration with 2.5x better power efficiency than the previous generation, said the company.

Intel Core Ultra-based AI PCs are available from in the US. Over the next year, Intel Core Ultra will bring AI to more than 230 designs from laptop and PC makers worldwide.

The 5th Gen Intel Xeon processor family brings a significant leap in performance and efficiency.

During the event, IBM announced that 5th Gen Intel Xeon processors achieved up to 2.7x better query throughput on its platform compared to previous-generation Xeon processors during testing.

Google Cloud, which will deploy 5th Gen Xeon next year, noted that Palo Alto Networks experienced a 2x performance boost in its threat detection deep learning models by using built-in acceleration in 4th Gen Xeon through Google Cloud.