The National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), India’s largest aerospace research company, has reportedly been hit by the infamous ransomware group LockBit.

LockBit added NAL to its dark web leak site, and has threatened to publish the organization’s data if it fails to pay an unspecified ransom, reports TechCrunch.

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“LockBit posted eight purportedly stolen documents, including confidential letters, an employee’s passport and other internal documents,” the report claimed.
The website of NAL was down and the research organization or Indian cyber agency CERT-In was yet to comment on the report.

Earlier this month, LockBit hit the US arm of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) that disrupted trades in the US Treasury market.

The hacker group reportedly admitted it was paid a ransom by the bank.

LockBit’s business model is known as “ransomware-as-a-service”. It sells its malicious software to other hackers, who carry out the cyberattacks.

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