Snapchat is an American multimedia instant messaging app and service developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc.

One of the principal features of Snapchat is that pictures and messages are usually only available for a short time before they become inaccessible to their recipients. The app has evolved from originally focusing on person-to-person photo sharing to presently featuring users’ “Stories” of 24 hours of chronological content, along with “Discover,” letting brands show ad-supported short-form content.

It also allows users to keep photos in the “my eyes only” which lets them keep their photos in a password-protected space. It has also reportedly incorporated limited use of end-to-end encryption, with plans to broaden its use in the future.

How To Delete And Deactivate The Snapchat Account

  • Go to the accounts portal and type in the username and password for the account you want to delete.
  • Enter you username and Click on Log In
  • Click on ‘Delete my Account’ on the Manage My Account page
  • Confirm your decision by re-entering your username and password
  • Click on Continue

After taking the steps to delete your account, it will first be deactivated for 30 days. While your account is deactivated, your friends will not be able to contact or interact with you on Snapchat.

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After an additional 30 days, your account will be permanently deleted. This means that your account, account settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, Story, device data, and location data will be deleted.

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Snapchat may retain some personal data for certain legal, security, and business needs.

How To Reactivate Your Snapchat Account

Want to reactivate your account? It’s easy! Just log back into the Snapchat app with your username within 30 days of deactivating your account.

While your account is deactivated, you can only log in with your username and password. You can’t log in with your email address and you can’t change your password.

Please Note: It can sometimes take 24 hours before a deactivated account can be reactivated.