Helicopter maker Kopter has fallen victim to a ransomware attack after hackers breached its internal network and encrypted the company’s files, as reported by Zdnet.

Information from Kopter’s internal system was printed on the LockBit gang’s site, hosted on the Darknet.After Kopter denied participation with all the hackers, the ransomware gang has printed on Friday a number of the business’s documents online.

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The Kopter information was published on a site hosted on the shadowy net and run by the LockBit ransomware gang. Documents shared on this website include business files, internal jobs, and various aerospace and defense industry criteria.

In an email, the operators of this LockBit ransomware advised ZDNet they breached Kopter’s network a week by exploiting a VPN appliance that utilized a weak password and didn’t possess two-factor authentication (2FA) allowed.

The LockBit gang also stated they operate an internet portal on the darkened net where they reveal information to hacked businesses about the assault, such as a ransom demand. LockBit operators stated a person from Kopter obtained the ransom webpage, however, the firm didn’t participate together in a conversation window supplied to hacked businesses.

Kopter hasn’t publicly revealed a security violation on its site or through company wires.

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