On April 4th 2021, 533 million Facebook users’ phone number has been leaked on a popular hacker forum for free. The sold data included 533,313,128 Facebook users, with information such as a member’s mobile number, Facebook ID, name, gender, location, relationship status, occupation, date of birth, and email addresses.

Since then, Troy Hunt has added the leaked data to his Have I Been Pwned data breach notification service to help users determine if a Facebook member’s data was exposed in the leak.

Facebook users can now use the Have I Been Pwned data breach notification site to check if their phone number was exposed in the social site’s recent data leak.

To check if the Facebook leak included your phone number, you can visit Have I Been Pwned and enter your phone number in international format(including country code) in the search field. Once you click the ‘pwned?’ button, a list of all the data breaches the number was exposed to will be displayed.

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