Huawei released the HarmonyOS 2 operating system on June 2. In less than two months, as of early August, it had over 50 million users and now the latest report shows that HarmonyOS 2 now has over 70 million users.

HarmonyOS 2 may soon exceed 100 million installations on Huawei devices with this speed.

According to Yu Chengdong, the current figure shows that an average of 8 users upgrades to HarmonyOS 2 every second. As of now, the upgrade has covered nearly 100 models, including Huawei and Honor brand smartphones, tablets, and smart screens, reports GizChina.

The operating system is currently available to almost 100 Huawei and Honor devices. Over 90 Huawei and Honor devices now have this update. Out of this number, 56 are old models from Huawei and Honor.

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A top Huawei executive in May claimed that HarmonyOS can very well challenge Google and Apple operating systems.

“Huawei is in a position to deliver an ecosystem that is on par with Google and Apple ecosystems,” said Eric Tan, Huawei’s head of consumer cloud services.

Huawei’s App Gallery reached 420 million users. According to the company, App Gallery is now available in more than 170 countries.

In the wake of the US-China trade war, the Chinese giant last August officially launched ‘HarmonyOS’ aimed to reduce the company’s reliance on Google-developed Android OS.

In December last year, Huawei said it is preparing to bring Harmony OS to smartphones.

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