Google has announced that it is rolling out a “suspected spam caller” label to its telephone service Google Voice, which will warn users about spam calls.

The label will help protect users from unwanted calls and potentially harmful scams, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blog post on Thursday.

The new label will appear on the incoming call screen and in the users’ call history.

“The company makes this determination using the same advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that identifies billions of spam calls each month across Google’s calling ecosystem,” Google said.

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Users have the option to confirm the suspected spam call, by which future calls from that number will go directly to voicemail or they can “mark a labeled call as not spam, after which the suspected spam label is never displayed for that number again.”

This feature does not have admin control and is available to all Google Voice users.

Meanwhile, last week, with an aim to provide a better calling experience, the tech giant rolled out a new ‘intelligent network switching’ feature to Google Voice, which will automatically switch ongoing calls between cellular data service and Wi-Fi.

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