Google has introduced a new file access experience to make it easier for file approvers to respond to pending access requests across Google Workspace.

Currently, when users request access to a file, the approvers receive an email with the option to share the file or decline the request.

“With this update, users can review and respond to requests from within the file. Approvers will see a notification dot on the ‘Share’ button if they have a pending access request and a new banner at the top of the sharing dialogue,” Google said in a blog post on Tuesday.

Moreover, the company said that the approvers can continue to respond to access requests through the existing emails that are sent when users request access to files.

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If the “Notify” checkbox is selected when an approver responds to a request, the user who requested access will receive an email with the status of the request.

The new update is available to all Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts.

Meanwhile, Google will soon open up early access to the artificial intelligence (AI) notebook ‘Project Tailwind’.

The tech giant first previewed ‘Project Tailwind’ last month as an “AI-first notebook”, reports 9To5Google.

Tailwind is a demo of the PaLM application programming interface (API) which can help “anyone synthesizing information from many different sources” that they specifically choose.

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