Google has announced that it has started to roll out new video editing features in its photo sharing and storage service ‘Google Photos’ on Chromebook.

“Google Photos integrates with Chromebook’s Gallery and Files apps, so you can seamlessly use images and videos from your Chromebook and edit in Google Photos,” the tech giant said on a support page on Thursday.

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The revamped movie creation tools allow users to create their own movies from scratch or from suggested themes.

To make a movie, users have to search “movie” on their Chromebook launcher, and they will find the shortcut to the Photos application.

With suggested themes, users can easily create high-quality movies.

“Select the theme and the people (or pets!) you’d like included and Google Photos will use both video clips and photos to create a custom movie,” the company said.

“It even intelligently selects the most meaningful moments from your long videos,” it added.

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