Several Google Photos users have complained that their old photographs had been “corrupted”.

According to 9To5Google, Google Photos users scrolling back several years through their library have found pictures that can be best described as “corrupted” in recent days.

People began noticing that their years-old photos (over five years, approximately) have lines and deep cracks running through them, as well as other blurry or distorted areas, the report said.

“White dots are also a common occurrence. Some images are more damaged than others with seemingly no pattern to what’s impacted or the severity,” it added.

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According to those affected, the corruption persists when downloading the image.

This apparently applies to both individual downloads and when using Google Takeout. The original copies of pictures do not appear to be impacted, but the edited ones are what appear in the Google Photos apps.

As per the report, it does not appear that all users have this problem, but it seems to impact a rather sizable number.

Meanwhile, Google, this year, added new filters in Google Photos to help users show their skin in its true shade.

With the Pixel 6 series, the tech giant worked to adjust the phone’s camera to more accurately capture the wide variety of human skin tones so that people can see their true selves in photographs.

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