Google has announced that it is making the ‘paginated mode’ default on Docs for Android.

“Documents will now be in paginated mode upon first open unless the document is set to pageless,” the company said in a Workspace Updates blog post.

“This will set up your Google Doc with pages and page breaks in the app, enabling a more cohesive visual design between web and mobile.”

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Moreover, the company announced that when using the Drive application on a foldable device, users will notice that controls within the item preview viewer will automatically respond to what position the foldable device is in — opened, closed, or only partially opened — and adjust accordingly.

In April this year, Google announced a new feature that allows users to add emoji reactions to comments within Docs.

This feature allows users to leave emojis on Google Docs comments by tapping a new button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

Meanwhile, the company had started public testing of generative artificial intelligence (AI) features in Gmail and Docs.

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