Google announced that it is rolling out new features for space managers in Google Chat, including the ability to decide if members can add or remove members or groups to a space.

The company also introduced the “Space configuration” feature which will allow space managers to choose if members can change space details, such as name, icon, description, and guidelines, or turn Chat history on/off for the space.

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On the other hand, the “Conversation moderation” feature “authorizes space managers to determine whether members can use @all in a space”, the tech giant said in a Workspace Updates blog post on Monday.

The new features do not have admin control and are not available to users with personal Google Accounts.

Currently, managers can remove and add participants, delete a space, delete messages, edit the space description, and can update space access from restricted to discoverable or vice versa.

In November last year, the tech giant introduced conversation summaries in Google Chat for messages in “Spaces”, which will summarise conversations for users in their Premium Workspace.

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