Google has introduced conversation summaries in Google Chat for messages in “Spaces”, which will summarise conversations for users in their Premium Workspace.

According to TechCrunch, in larger Workspaces, these Chats conversations can be difficult to keep up with unless users are always checking their Spaces for new conversations in Chats.

The Workspace Spaces Chat conversation summary will appear at the top of the Chats within Spaces, summarising any unread chatter in the Chats conversation.

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By clicking on the summary of the Spaces Chats, users will jump straight to the conversation, even if it’s already visible and the conversation summary has only summarised a few lines of the Chats conversation, according to the report.

To turn the conversation summary on and off, users will need to go on Google Chat, then click Settings > Conversation summary and then tick or untick the box next to ‘show summaries in spaces that have many unread messages.

Also, last week, the tech giant announced that it will soon allow users to schedule recurring ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) features on its Chats platform.

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