Google is phasing out continuous scrolling on its search results pages, marking this feature’s end of an era.

According to a report from Search Engine Land, this change will take effect on desktop searches today, with mobile searches following suit in the upcoming months.

Originally launched in October 2021 for mobile devices and expanded to desktops in late 2022, continuous scrolling allowed users to browse through search results in a seamless, never-ending fashion, similar to social media feeds. However, Google has decided to revert to its traditional pagination method.

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A Google spokesperson mentioned to Search Engine Land that this decision aims to enhance the speed at which search results are delivered. The classic pagination bar will return on desktops, letting users navigate to specific pages or proceed to the next page. On mobile, a “More results” button will replace the continuous scroll, prompting users to load additional results as needed.

This adjustment is intended to improve the overall efficiency of Google searches by serving results faster and avoiding the automatic loading of pages users may not require.

Andrew Liszewski, a senior reporter passionate about gadgets and technology since childhood, has been covering tech trends and innovations since 2011.

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