Google is slowly rolling out a new feature to Google Chrome 87 that allows you to type commands in the address bar that perform specific browser actions.

This new feature is called ‘Chrome Actions’. Chrome Actions are a fast and simple way to navigate or take an action right from Chrome’s address bar.

This feature makes the address bar more robust and will help you get things done quickly and easily. For example, just type “delete history” or “edit passwords” and you’ll see the relevant action inline.

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There are several new actions you can take directly from the address bar. Please see below for some of the actions you can take and examples of how you can activate them.

  • Clear Browsing Data – type ‘delete history’, ‘clear cache ‘ or ‘wipe cookies’
  • Manage Payment Methods – type ‘edit credit card’ or ‘update card info’
  • Open Incognito Window – type ‘launch incognito mode‘ or ‘incognito’
  • Manage Passwords – type ‘edit passwords’ or ‘update credentials’
  • Update Chrome – type ‘update browser’ or ‘update google chrome’
  • Translate Page – type ‘ translate this’ or ‘ translate this page’
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