Google has announced that it will soon allow users to schedule recurring ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) features on its Chats platform.

After the new feature rolls out on Android, iOS, and the web, “set a do not disturb schedule” will display below the various time increments, reports 9To5Google.

Users can create multiple toggles and easily activate or deactivate them from the settings.

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The new feature will help “when you want to mute notifications during your regular lunch break or have Do Not Disturb set automatically over the weekend while away from your desk”, Google said.

“We hope this feature enables you to better concentrate without Chat distractions or helps you disconnect entirely from work when needed,” it added.

The feature to schedule a DND in Google Chat will roll out in the coming weeks.

It will first be available on the web and later on mobile, the report said.

Earlier, the tech giant had rolled out custom emojis to its Chat for a personalized experience.

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