The tech giant Google is adding assistant features to all smart devices. Google product manager Praveen Chandran wrote in a blog post that the additions are part of the company’s efforts “to support an open ecosystem and bring Google Assistant features to everyone globally.”

Voice Match Support To More Smart Speakers

With Voice Match, you can teach Google Assistant to recognize your voice so you can receive personalized results, including calendar reminders or traffic to work, even if you share the device with other people in the household. You’ll be able to link up to six people’s voices with Voice Match to a single speaker or Smart Display, so the entire family can get personalized help from Google.

Adjust Hotword Sensitivity

You’ll start to see a new setting in the Google Home app that gives you the option to adjust the responsiveness of the Google Assistant hotword “Hey Google” on your smart speakers and Smart Displays. This will continue to roll out to more devices in the coming weeks.

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Choose Your Default Speaker

You can also pick your preferred speaker in your living room for playing music. For example you can say, “Hey Google, play some jazz,” to your Google Nest Mini in the kitchen and the music will automatically play from your preferred speaker. You can set the default music speaker for any Google Assistant-enabled device, by finding the setting menu of your device in the Google Home app. Scroll down to Google Nest Mini and its “Device settings,” then tap Default music speaker to choose the living room speaker you want to use when you play music.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Can Now See, Hear And Speak

“We know you have many options when it comes to buying smart speakers and we will continue working to ensure that you can experience the best of Google on the device of your choice.”