On Friday, a federal jury found Edward Joseph Parson, 31, of Tulsa, guilty of aggravated sexual abuse of a minor in Indian Country.

“Edward Parson repeatedly sexually abused a young child. He preyed upon the vulnerable child left in his care and then exploited her fear to hide his crimes,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson. “His attempts to intimidate the victim into silence ultimately failed, and she spoke out three years ago. With the support of family, DHS workers, interviewers, and counselors, she was able to bravely continue to speak out against him, even in the face of enormous pressure at trial. Although still under twelve years old, her testimony last week helped bring this predator to justice.” 

“Stopping predators like Mr. Parson is why the FBI works tirelessly with our partners. We are grateful for the conviction of someone who would target our most vulnerable population,” said Rebecca Day, Acting Special Agent in Charge of FBI Oklahoma City.

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Beginning likely in 2017 and continuing through most of 2018, Parson repeatedly sexually abused the minor victim who was under the age of twelve. The child eventually disclosed to several adults that Parson had abused her. Unfortunately, the first adults she trusted tried to silence her. Five months later, when she was safely placed with supportive caregivers, she disclosed a portion of the abuse again. That time, her new caregivers listened and called authorities.

As the jury heard from a child sexual abuse expert, children often do not disclose sexual abuse immediately. When children do disclose, they frequently disclose in pieces over time as they become more comfortable and as they are met with acceptance and support. The minor victim was then interviewed by child specialists at the Children’s Advocacy Center. During those interviews, she disclosed multiple instances of physical abuse and extensive sexual abuse.