Recently, many Facebook users have reported a troubling trend: the platform’s spam filter appears to be overly aggressive, mistakenly flagging and removing legitimate posts.

This afternoon, I received a notification from Facebook that one of my posts had been removed for violating their community standards. The post was simply about the differences between addon domains, parked domains, and subdomains. How could Facebook possibly consider this as spam?

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Posts ranging from personal updates and news articles to promotional content and event announcements are disappearing into the digital void, often without explanation. While Facebook’s spam filter is designed to protect users from unwanted content, its accuracy has come into question.

The consequences of false positives are significant. For individuals like myself, it can feel like censorship, limiting our ability to express ourselves and connect with others. Small businesses can lose visibility and potential customers. Even news outlets and organizations have reported having their important messages silenced.

The removed article link can be found here.

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