Social media giant Facebook has confirmed that it is testing a way for users to have up to five separate profiles tied to a single account.

The platform said the test allows users to dedicate different profiles to specific groups they want to connect with, such as one dedicated Facebook feed exclusive to their friends and another one just for their coworkers, reports TechCrunch.

Users, who are part of the test, will be able to switch between their different profiles in a few taps.

“To help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships, we’re testing a way for people to have more than one profile tied to a single Facebook account,” a spokesperson Leonard Lam was quoted as saying by the website in an email.

“Anyone who uses Facebook must continue to follow our rules,” Lam added.

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Additional profiles do not need to include a person’s real name, as users will be able to choose any profile name and username, as long as it is unique and doesn’t use any numbers or special characters.

People’s main profiles must still use the name they use in everyday life, Facebook said.

The company said additional profiles are still subject to its policies and that they can’t misrepresent your identity or impersonate others. If you receive a violation on an additional profile, it will impact your account as a whole.

Facebook said this rule will help prevent people from abusing its platform across multiple profiles, the report said.

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If someone repeatedly violates the company’s policies using one of their additional profiles, Facebook’s systems will recognise which profile was violating and take appropriate action, such as removing the additional profile or all profiles, including the main account.