The European Commission and several other European Union organizations were hit by a cyberattack in March, according to a European Commission spokesperson.

A spokesperson for the commission said that a number of EU bodies “experienced an IT security incident in their IT infrastructure.” The spokesperson said forensic analysis of the incident is still in its initial phase and that it’s too early to provide any conclusive information about the nature of the attack.

“We are working closely with CERT-EU, the Computer Emergency Response Team for all EU institutions, bodies and agencies and the vendor of the affected IT solution,” the spokesperson said. “Thus far, no major information breach was detected.”

“The Commission has set up a 24/7 monitoring services and is actively taking mitigating measures.”

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No “major information breach” was detected so far, although forensic analysis of the intrusion attempts is still in the initial phase, and no conclusive information is available.

“Let me use this occasion to recall that we take cybersecurity very seriously and apply strict policies to protect our infrastructures and devices, the spokesperson added. “We investigate every incident.”

No information is available at the moment about the nature of the incident or the identity of the attackers behind the attack.

Although not confirmed by the European Commission spokesperson, Bloomberg reported earlier that the attack hit the EU organizations last week.

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