Privacy-focused online browser DuckDuckGo has announced a new feature that will block one of the most common pop-ups web users are likely to see — “Sign in with Google”.

The company cites that sites like Reddit often present this Google pop-up, usually upon first loading the web pages, reports TechRadar.

It claims that users will be “saved from these disruptive and misleading pop-ups” with its updated mobile apps or Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and Edge extensions in order to provide a “cleaner experience and more privacy”.

It’s more than just the removal of annoying pop-ups, though, according to DuckDuckGo.

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Moreover, the company explained, allowing Google to link your account to browsing history is “another way for Google to track users without them realizing”, according to the report.

The update is now available on DuckDuckGo for Android, iOS, and Mac, as well as on Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge extensions.

Last year, DuckDuckGo slammed the new ad tracking method Google, saying it is bad for privacy and puts the users in a group based on their browsing history, and any website can get that group ID to target and fingerprint them.

Google has announced FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology to provide a more privacy-focused way to track users and serve ads to them.

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