Nansen has issued a data breach alert, revealing that a hacker gained access to its admin system and used it to provision customer accounts.

The company also sent emails to affected users asking them to reset their passwords.

“On September 20, Nansen was notified by one of our third-party vendors that their systems had been compromised. A breach on the vendor’s side gave an attacker access to admin rights to an account used to provision customer access to our platform,” Nansen said in a notice shared on X.

However, the company managed to stop the unauthorized access shortly after learning about it and launched an immediate investigation.

According to Nansen, the vendor is a well-established entity trusted by Fortune 500 companies as well as other companies in the same industry to manage customer data.

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Moreover, the company’s preliminary investigations over the 48 hours revealed that about 6.8 percent of our users were impacted.

“These users had their email addresses exposed, a smaller portion also had password hashes exposed, and the last, smallest group also had their blockchain addresses exposed. We have informed our users via email if and how they’ve been affected,” Nansen stated.

On September 21, Nansen swiftly reached out to its affected users via email asking them to reset their passwords.

Last week, global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx, which recently suffered a data breach, asked hackers to negotiate with the company while also promising a generous bounty reward if they returned the stolen assets.

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Hackers behind the CoinEx attack were identified as the North Korean-sponsored Lazarus Group.

On September 15, CoinEx stated in an open letter, which it posted on X that the hack incident served as a lesson for the company and made it more aware of its responsibility to ensure robust asset security.