Have you ever wondered how to create an invisible folder? I mean an invisible folder, not a hidden folder. Nowadays, we are facing lots and lots of problems requiring us to keep our data safe and secure. There are millions of hackers all around the world that are trying to steal our information whenever we get onto the internet. Even some of our friends are trying to lay their hands on our personal and confidential information.

I have accidentally found a method to stop our “friends” from accessing our own files. The method is actually quite simple. Others can’t see my files when I make them invisible. Totally invisible. Nobody could see it until the folder is highlighted. View the images below to understand in detail what I’m talking about.

How to Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

This method works better in the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, because in XP there’s no outline for an invisible folder. The folder is totally invisible with no noticeable outline or any other characteristics which makes it visible.

How to Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

Here’s how you make an “invisible” folder on your desktop.

1.  Create a new folder.

2.  Right-click on the shortcut and select ‘rename’.

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4.  Right-click the folder and go to properties.

5.  Click the “Customize” tab.

6.  Refer to ‘folder icons’ and click ‘change icon’.

How to Create an Invisible Folder in Windows

7.  Choose the blank icon (which is invisible) as shown below.

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How to Create an Invisible Folder in Windows


  • The best way to keep a file secure is by making it invisible and also hidden at the same time.
  • Putting a blank character as a name would increase the protection to your folder.
  • This also works for desktop shortcuts, not just folders.


  • Other people can find your folder only when they change the view. Meaning, the folder you have created would leave an empty space in-between folders if, and only if, you didn’t make it hidden.