Google Chrome on iOS and Android devices will now detect URL typos and suggest corrections, Google announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

This new accessibility feature for mobile versions of Chrome was promised earlier this year when Google released the same feature on Chrome for computers.

To use the new feature, simply type a URL into the Chrome address bar as usual. If Chrome detects a typo, it will display a list of suggested corrections below the URL bar. Tap on the correct URL to open the website.

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The new feature is a welcome addition to Chrome for mobile, and it should make it easier for users to visit the websites they want to see. It is especially beneficial for users with dyslexia or other disabilities that can make typing difficult.

In addition to detecting URL typos, Chrome for mobile also offers a number of other accessibility features, such as the ability to zoom in on web pages, adjust the font size, and enable high contrast mode. These features make it easier for users with all types of disabilities to browse the web.

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